Through “Look, Housing” we are creating a new process that integrates film-making with policy-making called_Ken make up a name__ in which we: (1) develop the storylines of the short documentaries with input from the school community and stakeholders from the nearby neighborhood, (2) host screenings and solutions-making sessions throughout city with policy makers, housing delivery organizations, and interested citizens, 

and (3) allow voting on the project website for 3-5 policy recommendations that were developed during the meetings and screenings.  The final phase of this project is not a film but a grass-roots campaign to change one major piece of legislation that will improve the housing conditions for homeless students in San Francisco.

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Our aim is not only to assist the homeless families at Bessie Carmichael Elementary School find stable housing but also to create an approach to social impact storytelling that can be replicated as a model for citizen engagement in shaping public policy in housing and many other sectors, such as health and education, and that can be applied in all major cities in the U.S..