We love our city of San Fancisco; but we also have great frustration with how it's changing. We realize there are lots of ways we could plan better. For one it's not acceptable that we have over 6,500 homeless people here in San Francisco. We believe we should and can do things to end this injustice.

We have been collaborating on a way to create positive change in our city since 2014. With Fay's 20 years of experience as a leader in the development of affordable housing, Michelle's experience as a design process facilitator and Ken's expertise as a cinematic documentary impact filmmaker we've set out on a journey to share some of our love.


Documentary filmmaking meets SF URBAN FILM FEST

Ken & Fay first met when Fay featured Ken’s video about the Lava Mae mobile shower bus for the homeless at the SF Urban Film Fest. From the beginning we've been on a mission to innovate the industry by educating the architects, urban planners and policy wonks about the effects of great social impact storytelling. The intention is to not only create dialogue and discourse but to develop tools and process to engage citizens in the development of their communities.


the BOBBIE WASHINGTON & Janet DelanEy thread

Ken and Fay wanted to tell the story of the changing landscape of housing in San Francisco. This took us on a journey back to the 1980's when Janet began photography change and gentrification SoMa. We met Bobbie who has been a major force in shaper her community but has also been pushed out. Now we're exploring different ways to involve the community in this story of urban change and in early 2017 began engaging SoMa planning communities with a focus on students, parents, teachers and Community Business Organizations at Bessie Carmichael.


refusing to accept family HOMELESS

The story about Bobbie led to a story about homeless students at SoMa's own Bessie Carmichael. Through this specific issue we are exploring the bigger story of how to engage communities in creating solutions to an urban housing crises.